Hyperbolic Hulk Hogan

WWE.com “goes one on one with “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan”:

When I was really jitterbugging right before I had to go out, Vince kicked the door down and he gave me this hug that felt like it should have broken my ribs.

  1. … And then I gave him a bodyslam that felt like it should have caused a destructive time-warp earthquake, brother!
  2. … And then I hugged him back with my 52″ pythons that should have turned him into a paraplegic, brother!
  3. … And then he said, “You look like you should still wrestle for the WWE Championship,” brother!

Meet Pro Wrestling’s Most Fabulous Fighters

Check out this piece by Stayton Bonnar at Details, on the rise of gay pro wrestling in Mexico.

It’s good to know the pro wrestling is evolving in some parts of the world. I must say, though, that I think that public salad tossing, whether or hetero- or homosexual, should have no place on a family show. I’m looking at you, Rikishi.

(via International Object)


That accolade is fresh

KSP on Punk vs. Taker:

CM Punk is the first legitimate candidate to challenge Undertaker’s winning streak since Randy Orton in 2005. In retrospect, Henry, Batista, Edge, Michaels, and HHH were all obvious in how they would play out. Henry wasn’t worthy; Batista and Edge couldn’t beat Taker and hold onto their championships; and Michaels’ pair was really all about defining what it means to be a great wrestler. HHH also lost twice.

I laughed out loud at this, but I would propose that HHH’s pair was about defining what it meant to be a great wrestling performer, without necessarily being a great wrestler.

Also, welcome back, Sawyer.