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My name is Mikey. I made this podcast because I want to talk to people I respect and admire about things I am passionate and excited about.

Each episode is based on subject I care deeply about, featuring people I consider to be representative of these subjects in my life. Sometimes, ideally, we would end up developing the thematic truth of the subject—other times we’d probably just end up laughing at how seriously we’re taking ourselves. It’s meaningful or silly. Very ‘Hurry Up the Cakes’.

2022 Philippine National Election Special The Hurry Up the Cakes Podcast

This is for the cynic, the optimist, the disenfranchised, the rebel, and the Filipino voter. My anxiety and trepidation concerning the 2022 National Election (and the one from 2016, for that matter) have been bubbling to the surface recently, so I decided to hash them out with my dear friend Mia Marci. Mia is an educator, a writer, a cynic at heart, a foul-mouthed Christian, and one of my favorite people in real life and on the internet, where she chronicles her journey of “decoñofication” and, more recently, her thoughts and feelings about the pursuit of justice alongside the Laban ng Masa coalition. We talk about our struggles during the 2016 Election season, we articulate the journey of choosing her candidate in Ka Leody De Guzman and mine in Leni Robredo, and we attempt to process what it might mean if the villain wins next week. All of this and more in this very special one-off episode of the Hurry Up the Cakes Podcast! This episode was recorded on Star Wars Day 2022. Links On Voter’s Remorse, Democracy, and Hope — Hurry up the Cakes “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula Leguin — Wikipedia, Amazon Laban ng Masa Vice President Leni Robredo Ka Leody accepts the invitation to debate in enemy territory Leody de Guzman says he’s not invited to GMA-7 interview of presidential hopefuls Rebellions are built on hope Outro instrumental: “Chords For David” feat. Jlbrock by Pitx (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. The Hurry Up the Cakes Podcast is published and distributed via
  1. 2022 Philippine National Election Special
  2. 10: 'I Feel Like a Megazord' with Maximus Finn
  3. 9: 'The Shallow End' With Jenn Lazo
  4. 8: 'Wrestling Is Stupid' With Romeo Moran
  5. 7: ‘Shakespeare Would Be My Friend’ With Samantha Andico and Meira Furuki-Chua

Show Notes (Unabridged)

10: ‘I Feel Like a Megazord’ With Maximus Finn

Show Notes This is for Max, 20 or so years from now. It’s the season finale of the Hurry Up the Cakes Podcast! Special guest Maximus Finn Tan Llorin is the valedictorian of the Squishy Days Preschool, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and just such a trooper. He joins me on the last episode of the show…

9: ‘The Shallow End’ With Jenn Lazo

Jenn Lazo is the kind of person that everyone should be friends with. I mean, seriously. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys spending hours telling stories and laughing—I mean really laughing, to the point of exhaustion—Jenn is the perfect person to hang out with. If you’re the kind of person who veers away…

8: ‘Wrestling Is Stupid’ With Romeo Moran

It’s Romeo Moran week! I’m super grateful that Ro joined me on the show this week, fresh off his tell-all episode on The Wrestling Wrestling Podcast. He said that he just realized how hard it was to be a guest on a podcast because it came with a lot of pressure, but I think his…


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