Failing to learn to love Roman Reigns

Stan “The Man” Sy, reviewing the 2016 Royal Rumble for Smark Henry:

From the moment Vince McMahon stacked the deck against Roman, it was clear that the theme of the match was “One (Roman) vs. All”. That wasn’t the case because the only ones who really ganged up on Roman were the League of Nations and Triple H. In fact, as a result of the League of Nations (sans King Barrett) beating Roman to a pulp at ringside, the Big Dog had to spend most of the Rumble being tended to by medical. He only resurfaced in the match when there were only a handful of competitors left.

Good Lord, WWE. That was the absolute worst way to write Roman’s Rumble arc!

I hate to be so smarky about this, but the sad truth is that WWE only has itself to blame for the consistent botching of such a surefire, can’t-miss, little-or-no-downside Superstar like Roman Reigns.

Even those of us who want to root for him are quickly running out of reasons to.


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