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2: Celine Fabie Is a Force of Nature

“I want to talk about our dead dads more than I want to talk about Philippine Theater.”

When Celine and I were trying to schedule our conversation, she immediately expressed unease with the subject I chose. With modesty befitting a goddess and a mermaid, she insisted that she didn’t much of a right to speak on it. She even offered to “bring in bigger people.”

But no, it had to be Celine. Aside from the fact that I love her very much, Celine’s body of work in theater spans across many facets of the industry—the facets that I kind of wanted to make sense of so that we could define the whole darned thing.

We tried to. We sort of did. But we did end up talking about our deceased fathers anyway. After all, you can’t control a force of nature—you can only hope to contain it.

Show Notes

This is for the artist, the critic, and those who miss their fathers.

Special guest Celine Fabie is a theater actor, workshop teacher, member of the Ryan Cayabyab Singers (RCS), and an award-winning author. She joins me in an indulgent conversation in which she shares her journey as a modern Filipino performance artist, and along the way, she helps me try to make some sense of the state of Philippine Theater and the role of criticism. We also update each other on our experiences as members of the Dead Dads Club.


Outro instrumental: “Chords For David” feat. Jlbrock by Pitx copyright 2011. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

The Hurry Up the Cakes Podcast is published and distributed via Anchor.fm.


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