At this point, it’s just attrition

Zack Handlen, reviewing The Walking Dead‘s season 6 premiere for AV Club:

But there is nothing exciting or scary about zombie fighting anymore. At this point, it’s just attrition: who will the writers decide is expendable during this latest attack. They’re not a threat, they’re a plot mechanic that’s outlived its usefulness, and while I don’t expect the show to give up on them anytime soon, we’re going to need some more interesting pressure to keep this from being even more of a slog than it already is.

This was me, three seasons ago.


The Verge’s Nilay Patel bought his mom a Chromebook Pixel

From Patel’s weekly “Divergence” column:

Should I buy my mom thousand-dollar computer that just runs Chrome?” I would idly wonder to anyone within earshot. I posted a forum thread to solicit opinions from Verge readers. I drove my friends and family insane with my indecision.

And then I bought my mom a Pixel. And it was one of the best technology purchasing decisions I’ve ever made.

Fascinating. I would never hear the end of it if it were my mom, though



I liked’em before they were cool


… by “them”, I mean Marvel, and by “cool”, I mean “super successful”.

The height of my Marvel fandom was back in the mid-nineties, when they filed for bankruptcy and they had to be saved by Toy Biz, the company that manufactured their action figures. 

Today, Toy Biz is defunct, and Marvel is such an institution that  famous movie stars fancy themselves as defiant underdogs railing against their juggernaut movie studio. 

It’s a cool time to be a True Believer. 


Boringly reasonable

Marco Arment, speculating on next week’s Apple event:

Apple’s letting the $10,000–20,000 guesses simmer in the press to set price expectations high, just as they stayed quiet when everyone thought the first iPad would cost $1000. Maybe it’s for the same reason: maybe the Edition won’t be completely unreasonably priced for a piece of electronic jewelry that will probably be completely obsolete in five years but happens to be encased in a thousand bucks worth of solid gold. Letting people believe it’ll cost so much will make the real price seem like a great deal when it’s announced.

I’m guessing the Edition is closer to $5,000: expensive and very profitable, but boringly reasonable for a solid-gold electronic gadget.

To me, the most sensible predictive take on the Apple Watch yet.