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9: ‘The Shallow End’ With Jenn Lazo

Jenn Lazo is the kind of person that everyone should be friends with.

I mean, seriously. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys spending hours telling stories and laughing—I mean really laughing, to the point of exhaustion—Jenn is the perfect person to hang out with. If you’re the kind of person who veers away from loud personas, and you enjoy more mentally stimulating kinds of conversation, Jenn’s mind can keep up with the best of them. And if you’re the type who simply enjoys a quiet and sure friendship—the type that doesn’t need daily reassurance, or text messages every morning—Jenn stands as an exemplar friend of that sort.

Jenn can be friends with many kinds of people because she is many kinds of people. As she says on the podcast, she feels like she’s a “walking contradiction” sometimes. But the reason this works is that she has a heart that can fit all of it—not just all the versions of herself, but all kinds of people. Her heart stands firm on the idea that all—all human beings, regardless of gender —are equal.

Her friendship reflects that, her body of work reflects that, her life reflects that. And that, aside from my wanting to hang out with her more, is why I really wanted her to be a guest on the show.

I am so immensely grateful that she did.

Jenn Lazo is not only someone more people should be friends with, but someone more people should be like.

Production Notes

  • Fastest turnaround time ever, from recording to publishing. 3 hours!
  • This conversation was recorded on Skype, which was fine.
  • I realized, as I was writing this post, that the title of this episode should have been “‘A Walking Contradiction’ With Jenn Lazo’ but, ah, oh well.
  • Check out the show notes below—Jenn seriously sent me a full-on email with an outline of BTS-related links. I really will treat it as homework. If you’re a Tita or a Tito like me, maybe you should too! BTS seems like good people.
  • Executive Producer Charisse Tan Llorin already has a concept for the next season of this show, and it’s more fleshed out than I anticipated. It’s very exciting, but I have no idea how and when we can do it! But yes! Stay tuned, I guess?
  • Also, stay tuned on K Sawyer Paul’s (or my) social media—you will not have chosen poorly if you do!

Show Notes

This is for the feminist, the ally, and the accidental misogynist.

Special guest Jenn Lazo is a feminist in the truest sense of the term—she has taken on various roles throughout different stages in her life in which she advocates for gender equality. She is also endlessly entertaining, and one of the people that I always wish to hang out with more often. I’m so glad we got to do that in this episode. Jenn shares her journey as a feminist, and she shows me around the different battlefields in the fight for gender equality—helping me navigate my own battlefields in the process. Also, she introduces me to the BTS rabbit hole.


(The following are BTS-related links from an email sent by Jenn immediately following our conversation.)

I. Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) translation: Bulletproof Boyscouts

• BTS English Single, Dynamite

BTS, a history crash course

• BTS 101/Get to know the members 

• Fun stuff to watch/James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke 


II. BTS and Gender Equality/Gender discourse

III. BTS and Social Good

Watch: BTS Delivers Moving Speech + Performances For YouTube’s Virtual Graduation Ceremony

BTS Black Lives Matter: Fans match band’s $1m donation

All the Times BTS Donated to Causes They Care About

IV. My BTS Media Exposure HAHAHAHA

A reporter friend mentioned me in her Inquirer article hahaha 

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