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3 and 4: ‘Shocking the System’ With Stan Sy

On Thursday afternoon, while I was editing this week’s podcast episodes, Stan sent me a message. It was a screenshot of a Chinese-Filipino Facebook group that he railed against last month for promoting xenocentrism. Apparently this group is now advertising an event gathering “new people with different backgrounds”—a clear 180 from the tone that Stan so harshly criticized. “I feel validated,” Stan wrote. “But more imporantly, yay! Positive change!”

I am so very proud of my friend Stan Sy. He demonstrates having the passion and work ethic to actually realize the dreams that so many people, including me, grew up having—becoming a popular pro wrestling performer, interviewing the biggest wrestling stars in the world, hosting the longest-running weekly episodic Filipino wrestling podcast, even taking the pilgrimage to watch WrestleMania live. But what actually makes me the proudest is how he just can’t help but speak out—articulately and compassionately—about inclusivity, equality, and justice. His voice doesn’t add to the noise, but actually makes a legitimate positive change. I’m honored that he shares it with us on the Hurry Up the Cakes Podcast.

Production Notes

  • Stan is a professional broadcaster, and he used his home studio gear for our conversation. We had a Zoom conference, and the only local recording was on my end. Even so, his gear made such a difference on the audio. I hope you’ll be able to tell!
  • Episode 3 ends with a very special outro by one of my best friends (and Godfather to my son) Zig Hagamann. It is the realization of an over-a-decade-long dream that we all shared back in when we were goofing off while rehearsing for a play. It seemed appropriate to finally pull the trigger on it here for this double-episode interview.
  • The instrumental backing Zig’s episode 3 outro is entitled “Between Worlds”, which is just perfect considering the subject matter.
  • This week’s Max bumper is a tribute to Joey Torres, a founding member of our theater company. Joey was the sweetest, and he was just such a bright light. Buongiorno in heaven, my friend. Rest now. ❤️

Show Notes

This is for the Chinese-Filipino, the Filipinos who want marry them, and the children they will bear.

Special guest Stan Sy is a Chinese-Filipino radio DJ, pro wrestling performer, voice actor, podcaster, and an outspoken cultural critic. He joins in me a conversation that is too big for a single episode. Stan shares his experience as a Chinese-Filipino, the intricacies of what the Chinoy community calls “The Great Wall”, the implications of the use of certain Chinese terms, and how the Chinese-Filipino community is exactly like J.K. Rowling’s “Potterverse”.


Episode 3 Outro instrumental: “Between Worlds (Instrumental)” feat. Smiling Cynic by Aussens@iter copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

Episode 4 Outro instrumental: “Chords For David” feat. Jlbrock by Pitx copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

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