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8: ‘Wrestling Is Stupid’ With Romeo Moran

It’s Romeo Moran week!

I’m super grateful that Ro joined me on the show this week, fresh off his tell-all episode on The Wrestling Wrestling Podcast. He said that he just realized how hard it was to be a guest on a podcast because it came with a lot of pressure, but I think his experience as a podcaster automatically makes him a great guest—generous, honest, and unafraid to be pushed and to push back.

I had wanted to talk about how wrestling is stupid on this podcast for a while now, and I thought Ro—with his dual identities as a wrestling journalist and an actual, legitimate wrestler—was the perfect person to talk to so I can get my bad feelings off my chest. But our conversation actually energized me and kind of dislodged me from the more cynical ways I’ve been looking at it.

Wrestling is stupid. But it’s also pretty awesome. And with people like Romeo in it, its future is probably brighter than I think it is.

Production Notes

  • This is the first time I recorded my introduction immediately after the interview, so this is the most similar my voice has sounded between two segments. Sorry. Nerdy audio note.
  • Discord truly is my favorite voice call app for podcast recording. I barely had to trim the our conversation at all. It also helps that Ro is an experienced podcaster who knows what makes a great guest. That said, every guest I’ve ever had has been great!
  • I’m lucky that it’s a holiday today (Friday, August 21) so that I could do this show this week. But man, it’s getting tough, what with the school year starting and all. I’m thinking I maybe have a couple more of these left in me this season.

Show Notes

This is for the wrestling fan, whatever that means.

Special guest Romeo Moran is the wrestler formerly known as SANDATA, the Editor-in-Chief of SmarkHenry.com, and still actually one half of the current Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) Tag Team Champions, despite having recently left the promotion . We explored the experience of wrestling (pun intended) with his identities as a wrestler, a fan, a journalist, and a human being, and we inspect the narratives of the recent fallout across the Philippine wrestling industry. Plus, we argue about whether or not wrestling is evil!



0:00 — Opening theme
0:27 — Introduction
6:20 — The unmasking experience
18:48 — Getting into wrestling
28:27 — Wrestling and identity
37:45 — “Doers” and “Non-Doers”
49:59 — The state of Philippine wrestling
1:04:39 — What is the dream now?
1:09:22 — Putting ourselves over
1:17:07 — Outro
1:18:20 — “I’m a T-Rex!”