iPad 3 > Cakes

From the best tech website on the planet, The Verge:

(Boy Genius Report) has obtained a number of images said to be taken of output from iBoot, Apple’s iDevice bootloader, running in debug mode on an iPad 3 — and in debug mode, you’re able to see some detail on the hardware running underneath. Notably, the processor is identified as model number S5L8945X, which is new — it’s apparently a quad-core Apple A6, which is exactly what everyone is expecting: we saw the single-core A4 in 2010 and the dual-core A5 last year

They go on to write that they also discovered an LTE (4G) model in the works, and the new iPad models should launch “any time now; the iPad 2 debuted in early March of last year.”

Now, since 4G (and, to some extent, 3G) is essentially useless as a mobile network in the Philippines, here is what Hurry up the Cakes can pick up from that article:

  1. The iPad 3 is coming, and soon.
  2. It will have an A6 chip in it, which means faster and better graphics, etc., etc.
  3. The iPad 3 is coming, and soon.

Forget the cakes, I say hurry up the fricking iPad 3.

Original source: Boy Genius Report


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