Mikey’s Eats (February 7, 2012 – A.K.A. Accidental Indulgence Day)

There are some days that I would call “quiet” days–when nothing too noteworthy happens, just a simple, pleasant day that goes by with barely a hitch.

There are other days that I call “big” days–usually planned in advance, “big” days are those I in which there are events that I look forward to, like my impending Singapore trip, or last week’s WWFX event.

And then there are those days which sneak up on you, like rain on a hot day. When you expected a quiet day, or even, sometimes, a “big” day, but you end up experiencing gifts and pleasures and joys beyond what you initially imagined on that first bathroom trip after waking up.

February 7th was one such day.

I had to deliver something to my mom  at Sofitel Manila (she was there for a conference), and when I arrived, she said I can go have lunch at the famed hotel restaurant Spiral.

I was expecting a Starbucks sandwich for lunch, so imagine my excitement upon finding out where I was going to eat. Go ahead. Imagine.

Also imagine how good this was:

Perfect French Onion Soup. Look at that stringy cheese!

Grilled Duck Breast topped with Foie Gras. I repeat: Grilled Duck Breast topped with Foie Gras.

Examining the duck fat, while the Foie Gras waits to come home to my belly.

I need to be more conservative about my tapping my reservoir of words-to-describe-good-food, so all I will say is I was very happy after the meal.

But that’s not where it ended.

After Sofitel, I met up with Char, and we decided to head off to Fort Bonifacio and eat at 2nd’s. She had been craving for the best-in-the-world Truffle Macaroni and (Three) Cheeses. I, of course, did not object, even if I felt I had met my imaginary quota of good food for the day. I did feel like ordering something I hadn’t ordered before, and I ended up discovering a brand new favorite 2nd’s dish: the Weedgie Burger (named after my friend Luigi Tabuena’s son).

Best Mac and Cheese on the planet.

My new favorite, the Weedgie Burger: thick, medium-rare perfect beef pattie, topped with bacon chicharon tossed in buffalo sauce, and blue cheese. You don't have to believe it to enjoy it.

Again, conserving my bank of good-food-words, I’ll just quote WWE’s resident broski, Zack Ryder:

Are you serious, bro?

Woo woo woo, you know it.


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