Mikey’s Eats (Mobile Edition) – March 10, 2012

I’m sitting in 2nd’s right now with my mom and nephew, and we just had a late lunch of their Truffle Mac and Cheese and their Weedgie Burger (pure ground beef topped with buffalo-tossed bacon chicharon and bleu cheese).



See, I’m the 2nd’s guy in the family, and I wanted my mom to try the best Mac and cheese on earth, and one of my favorite burgers in the universe. She did, and she loved it. And this is after she had lunch at home.

My mom has always been very generous with words of affirmation, but when her notorious “eyebrow in the sky” validates my taste in food, I become a very happy boy.

Thanks, mom. And kudos to the Chef Mikko Reyes and the 2nd’s Team.

(In other news, I miss Charisse Yap Tan.)


One thought on “Mikey’s Eats (Mobile Edition) – March 10, 2012

  1. Mikey's mom says:

    Yo Mikes, my group and some clients had lunch in Lusso yesterday and I saw Gaita (the owner, also of Cibo) there. She recommended a variety of dishes for us and it was divine. We should do this again. By the way, she has a place right across MJ, behind White Spaces! Talk about blessings!


    (I showed your blog to Janryll and said you were making me notorious. He said I don’t need any help!)

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