Caring for the battery of your iOS device

Squeeze the Most Juice Out of Your iPhone or iPad Battery – Wired How-To Wiki.

The main thing you can do to extend your battery’s life is to follow one simple rule of thumb: ABC, or “Always Be Charging”. The battery’s typical Depth of Discharge, or DOD, is directly related to how many cycles it will take before its capacity drops to 80%. The more you have to charge your battery before it’s full, the less full charge cycles you’ll get out of it. The logic of this so simple, I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t figure it out sooner.

Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong for the past five years.. The logic of this so simple, I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t figure it out sooner.



I was brutally murdered at a parking lot! (Hurry up the Cakes App of the Moment)

The Hurry up the Cakes App of the Moment is a feature on a particular iOS app that Mikey (or anyone in Team Hurry up the Cakes) happens to like, be fond of, or amused with, at the moment.

The past few weeks, my brothers and I have been running around looking like idiots in public places. We have been filming each other, all making short action scenes in which we get shot at, squashed by a giant wrecking ball, or we blow up to little pieces because of a missile attack.

It’s safe to say that our fraternal bonds are stronger than ever. And it’s all thanks to a little iPhone app called Action Movie FX (iTunes link)–a video camera app that integrates a lightweight editing suite to include such classic action movie staple effects as a bomb detonation, air strike, cars and helicopters dropping, and, my current favorite, a first-person perspective of a series of gunshots.

Speaking of which, here I am being brutally murdered in the parking lot of Palms Country Club:

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