Comfort (Food)

What do you consider your ‘comfort food’?

For Char, it’s macaroni and cheese. She says it makes her feel like a kid again.

For my buddy Luigi, his “Pinoy Comfort Food” restaurant menu consists of different variations of longganiza and chorizo recipes.

For the gang at Hurry up the Cakes Favorite 2nd’s, it’s a smorgasbord of homemade filipino dishes, usually with a lovely modern gourmet twist.

It took a while for me to remember mine, though. My whole world is comfort food–if it doesn’t bring me some kind of happiness, pleasure, or comfort, I probably wouldn’t eat it. Char asked me this question a long time ago, and I think I answered based on what I would miss the most if I were deprived of all of my favorites. My answer was the patented Llorin breakfast: garlic fried rice, runny sunny side up eggs, thick hot chocolate, and any combination of tapa, longganisa, dried fish, chorizo, or cured meats.

Most people answer that question based on what dish or food type transports them to their warm, cozy, idealized concept their childhood home. I couldn’t think of anything that would “transport” me because most of the time I’m exactly where I want to be. Which is usually in front of good food.

So today I found a more precise answer.

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