Mikey’s Eats – January 30, 2012

Mikey’s Eats is a series of chronicles of what Mikey ate in the given day. It is not the official Hurry up the Cakes review of the dish or restaurant discussed.

For “lunch” (it was 3PM), my mother and I ate in my favorite restaurant in the world, Sakura Yakiniku, along Pasay Road. We had the Ume Dinner (US Prime Rib Karubi) for two, the lovely, baby-poop-like Uni sashimi, and classic Salmon sashimi (breaking Anthony Bourdain’s rule of No Fish on Mondays).

Uni sashimi @ Sakura Yakiniku

US Prime Rib Karubi grilling to medium rare

For dinner, Mom wanted to have something light, so we ate at Mary Grace, at Greenbelt 2. She had the Mushroom Cream pasta, I had the Vigan Longganisa sandwich and Mary Grace Hot Chocolate, and we shared a Three Cheese Ensaymada. It was light, sure, but it sure wasn’t healthy.

Vigan Longganisa sandwich dipped in Mary Grace Hot Chocolate

There was a lot of walking that day, which I’m hoping cancelled out the calories. With the Rumble in the morning and the great food for lunch in dinner, it safe to say that it was a very, very good day.

Hurry up the Cakes Verdict: Good food day.