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What’s been up (February 12-17, 2012)

Forgive the long gap between posts–it’s been a busy week over here at Hurry up the Cakes. I’ve been finishing up all my work obligations before our trip to Singapore this Tuesday, and UFC Undisputed 3 was just released and I’ve been waist-deep in it since yesterday.

But now here I am, and here’s what’s been up recently:


You might be thinking, since there has been a scarcity of food posts here recently, that maybe I have been eating less. Or maybe I’ve been too busy to pay attention to my meals. Or maybe that I–gasp!–have fallen out of love with food.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve been enjoying eating so much, in fact, that I’ve forgotten to take pictures of complete, not-yet-devoured meals.

But to satiate the appetites of the food-porn enthusiasts who visit this site (hello!), here is a quick rundown of Mikey’s Recent Eats. A food-porn sampler, if you will.

  • Fatless Tocina (sweet cured pork) + Tuyo (salted dried Herring) with capers + Apple Cider Vinegar + Garlic fried rice = Kick Ass Breakfast.
  • Salted steamed crabs, steamed oysters, steamed shrimps, inihaw na baboy (grilled pork belly), green mango salad, and rice, rice, rice — Sunday dinner.
  • Vietnamese Pho — I craved it after work the other day.
  • Racks Pork Ribs — Simple/Cheap Valentine’s Dinner … reminded me to complete my Ribs series
  • Chocolate Lava Cake — Warm and not too sweet. In other words, fantastic.
  • A bowl of strawberries.
  • Hot pan de sal, MacLaren’s Imperial Cheese Spread (best in the world!), and sun-dried tomatoes.

Life is good, but I will say this: if the cakes is Singapore, then Hurry up the mother-flinging Cakes.



Eve is the enemy of Adam man.

The best soap opera storyline on television continued last Monday on WWE Raw Supershow, as Zack Ryder returned, wheelchair-bound and strapped in neck and back braces, to deliver a Valentine’s rose to his beloved Eve Torres. When asked by BFF John Cena why he was at the show, the smitten Ryder said he “just can’t stay away from her.”

Aww. Go get ‘er, Zack.

Of course, later that evening, Kane attacked Eve and tried to trap her in an ambulance. (Don’t ask.) John Cena, predictably, fended off the Big Red Monster, and protected Eve from further harm.


It hurt so good. So good, in fact, that “Poor Zack” was trending worldwide on Twitter just a few moments after.

Utterly horrible, over-the-top stuff…which is just how we love it here on Hurry up the Cakes.

We hate Eve though. Bitch.


Apple announces Mac OS X Mountain Lion, declares yearly OS X schedule shows world they love all their iOS and Mac children equally.

With the iTextbooks-fueled education initiative, the impending iPad 3/iPhone 5 releases, and this surprise Mountain Lion announcement, 2012 sure looks like it’s shaping up the way Steve Jobs planned.

This is no surprise, of course. What is a surprise, however, is the Mountain Lion announcement itself–the rumors, reports, and leaks that usually spring up in the weeks leading up to major Apple announcement were completely absent. There wasn’t even a hint of a suggestion of an implied rumor. Absolutely nothing. A bit strange, but it’s a good sign for Apple–just as they’ve appeared to weaken in their tight-lipped ways, they’ve smack us in the face with something far our of left field.

Another surprise is that the announcement came via multiple one-on-one press briefings with the Tech Media Elite, instead of the usual Apple-style über-hyped Stevenote Press Event.

Apple Marketing Senior VP Phil Schiller, during his Mountain Lion presentation to John Gruber, said that they were “starting to do things a little differently, now.”

Now? Now that it’s 2012? Now that Tim Cook is CEO? Now that…

They are indeed starting to do things a little differently. But then again, haven’t they always?

What remains the same, I believe, is Apple’s commitment to making insanely great products that, first and foremost, are designed to make life better.

As someone whose life has already been made better several times over, I simply cannot wait.



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