Meta, Mikey Llorin

Job titles

Over on my Facebook page, I put in “Writer” as my occupation, for Hurry up the Cakes. I got a kick out of it but it never really sat well with me. I am, at most, a person-capable-of-decent-writing, not a writer writer. I just listed myself as one because I always aspired to be one, and I’d get a kick out of pulling one over on new acquaintances. “Oh, so you’re a writer!” Um, yes, kind of! …

But alas, I am not. I can write, but I am not a writer. I am an actor, a teacher, an eater, a fan, a dork. I write in my journals, various notepads, and a website called Hurry up the Cakes.

Anyway, I adjusted my Facebook job title into something that paints a picture that doesn’t make me feel like a fraud. To people I have yet to meet: please adjust your expectations accordingly.


Mikey Llorin
Producer / Writer / Senior Eater


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