Mornings and Things, updated

In March 2015, I was a newly married man, teaching Theatre part-time at an international school, and finishing up my academic courses as a graduate student in literature. One of the requirements of my final course was a “short” 8-page-minimum creative non-fiction piece.

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I did not know I could format my posts as “asides”. This makes me happy. In other news, I am loving OS X Mountain Lion. Makes my 2010 MacBook Air feel like a well-oiled machine.

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Job titles

Over on my Facebook page, I put in “Writer” as my occupation, for Hurry up the Cakes. I got a kick out of it but it never really sat well with me. I am, at most, a person-capable-of-decent-writing, not a writer writer. I just listed myself as one because I always aspired to be one, […]

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Attention, tributes:

The Hunger Games was good, and fun, and exciting, in the same way that wrestling is good, and fun, and exciting. This is a compliment (not a complement). It reminded me of the Royal Rumble, except elimination actually meant death. I can’t wait ’til the next one. I’m talking about the movie, not the book. WrestleMania […]

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