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“Things That Make Us Happy” — A Clarification

Hello! And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

We’re having so much fun making these shows. We’re also learning a whole lot too. This, in and of itself, makes this whole passion project worth it. But the fact that people actually tune in is mind blowing. So THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. 

As we move towards the season-ender, we just thought this would be a good time to clarify the “Things That Make Us Happy” part of the podcast. 

We don’t ask for sponsorships for the show. We’re super small scale, so no one has ever offered either. 

Organizations, products, food, apps, and shows we mention are basically things that make us happy on any given week.

So far, almost all of the things we mentioned were things that we paid for. There may be one or two things that we were gifted with, but they were just personal gifts we loved. There were no expectations to feature them at all. 

Like many of you, we’re making the most out of the lockdown, so the things that we mention during this very short segment are things that help us through the days, the weeks, the months.

We’re also trying to support local small businesses more, so whenever we find something new that we love, we try to mention it in this segment. It’s really our way of gushing about the things that we like. We don’t intend on monetizing this podcast. 

We just thought we’d put this on the site to avoid any confusion. We love working on this podcast and we’re already gaining way more than what we’ve put in. 

Many, many thanks. (Even if you just listened for a few minutes before deciding it wasn’t for you. Thanks for giving us a chance. 💙) 


Team Hurry Up the Cakes / Squishy Days Productions

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Mikey Llorin, Podcaster (Again, Hopefully, Maybe)

I think making a podcast will justify the messiness of my desk

I’ve been dreaming about doing a podcast.

It would be called the Hurry up the Cakes Podcast. The show would be based on subject matters I care deeply about. In each episode, I would interview (or at least converse with) people I admire who are representative of these subject matters in my life, and we would discuss these and squeeze out the “juice” from these subjects, developing them into the episode theme. I would learn so much from these people, and the recorded conversations would be produced and condensed so that each listener could learn too. In the process, the audience would be entertained enough to want to keep listening to the podcast while they do their dishes, sweep their floors, or drive to the grocery for their quarantine tribute runs.

I’m aware that the world doesn’t need another podcast. But I have reasons. Good reasons, I think. You tell me. Here’s why I want to do it:

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Mornings and Things, updated


In March 2015, I was a newly married man, teaching Theatre part-time at an international school, and finishing up my academic courses as a graduate student in literature. One of the requirements of my final course was a “short” 8-page-minimum creative non-fiction piece.

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Job titles

Over on my Facebook page, I put in “Writer” as my occupation, for Hurry up the Cakes. I got a kick out of it but it never really sat well with me. I am, at most, a person-capable-of-decent-writing, not a writer writer. I just listed myself as one because I always aspired to be one, and I’d get a kick out of pulling one over on new acquaintances. “Oh, so you’re a writer!” Um, yes, kind of! …

But alas, I am not. I can write, but I am not a writer. I am an actor, a teacher, an eater, a fan, a dork. I write in my journals, various notepads, and a website called Hurry up the Cakes.

Anyway, I adjusted my Facebook job title into something that paints a picture that doesn’t make me feel like a fraud. To people I have yet to meet: please adjust your expectations accordingly.


Mikey Llorin
Producer / Writer / Senior Eater