Fan mail

Hurry up the Cakes is BACK from Singapore! I know I promised bite-sized updates via my Twitter (@mikeyllorin), but too many things happened over in Singapore, and we hadn’t enough time. Still, follow me anyway.

But now, here I am, tired, full, and happy. It had been a hell of a trip, so expect big posts in the coming days. Mostly about food.

In the meantime, I leave you with this. My iPad was hijacked at some point in the four days we were there, and I found two mysterious letters on my Notes app. I presume they were from fans of Hurry up the Cakes. Such sweet fellows, they were! Find out what they said (and my response) after the break.

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The Soderno Report – Friday, February 17, 2012

Every so often, Team Hurry up the Cakes ventures off to the mostly-first-class land of Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, our old  stomping grounds in Alabang, Muntinlupa, to partake in the weekly celebration of gluttony, revelry, and sheer hedonism that is the Midnight Mercato Soderno food fair.

Last night was the last time Daryl, Charisse, and I would meet before our trip to Singapore this coming Tuesday. We decided to have a late dinner at Soderno–Daryl had a meeting early in the evening, and Char and I had a heavy lunch at Hurry up the Cakes favorite 2nd’s late in the afternoon. I was happy, excited, and starved.

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Hurry up the Cakes on Facebook / Hello world (again)!

I’m seeing a huge influx of visitors today thanks to my friend Yuki Padilla Ariki (@Masayowk), who has plugged me to death on his twitter timeline. Warms my heart. Thanks buddy! Also special thanks to Kevin (@KevinPadillaFTW), Rap-Rap (@padillamatt), and all the people who love them and listen to what they say!

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In other news, here is a picture of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk making wrestling heaven:


“Hello world!” indeed.

Too many times, people start new blogs with blog posts declaring that they just started a blog. Too many times, people promise to remain faithful to blogging, unlike in their fifteen previous attempts. Too many times, people vomit write blog posts a mile a minute for the first month, and then slowly fizzle out as the weeks go by.

Not me. I’m a man of my word. So I declare, this very moment, that I…

…I will (continue to) do whatever I feel like doing, and if that happens to be writing for Hurry up the Cakes, then so be it.

(I really really want to promise, though. But I can’t. So I won’t.)

I don’t want to wish for this site to be life-changing, inspiring, or even mildly entertaining. If there’s anything I wish for this site to be, it’s that it be regularly updated. Considering the author, though, I’m not sure that’s very likely.

But let’s hope so, anyway. He has been able to surprise me here and there.