Royal Rumble Depression 2013

I’m over it.

The Royal Rumble was an emotional roller-coaster, just as any wrestling show should be. But damn if Cena’s win didn’t depress me.

Quick thoughts:

+ Zigger is the man right now. Current in-ring MVP.
+ John Cena the human being is admirable, and worthy of respect. John Cena the character sucks balls and I hate him please go away
+ I love The Rock, but Punk has my current grown-up WWE fan heart. The false finish and Rock’s win made me look like this:

+ The Royal Rumble match itself wasn’t the best, but the surprises (JERICHO!!!) made it fun.
+ I like that Kofi Kingston was the only one dumb enough to get hit by the Cobra
+ Where does Punk go from here? Who is he facing at Mania? Taker? Austin? Brock? He’s been so good this past year, and I can’t wait to find out what’s in store.
+ I guess that means it wasn’t so bad after all?
+ Cena sucks. Because of you, I have to quit meat for a week. (Char and I have strange bets.)

In other news, Hurry up the Cakes is a year old today! Thanks to all who drop by here, the regulars and the Google-Searchers. God bless your kind hearts.

I’m exhausted. My grown-up heart can’t take roller-coasters like it used to. I’m going to bed now. See you soon, Cakers.

Team Hurry up the Cakes reacts to WrestleMania

It was Monday afternoon. April 2nd. The day was long. The air was hot. My shoulders were sweaty. But none of that mattered–it was time for WrestleMania.

This was a milestone for me–not only was this the first time I was going to watch WrestleMania with my girlfriend Char (or any girl, for that matter), but THE ROCK WAS GOING TO FIGHT JOHN CENA, YOU GUYS, AND CM PUNK WAS GOING TO WRESTLE CHRIS JERICHO, AND TRIPLE H AND UNDERTAKER WERE GOING TO HAVE AN “END OF AN ERA” HELL IN A CELL MATCH. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS MEANT TO ME!!~ NO IDEA~~~!!

*ahem* Sorry about that.

But, yes, this was a big deal.

Much has happened since WrestleMania. And much has been written about WrestleMania since. Some of which are pretty damn good. I have no interest* in adding yet another review or in-depth analysis about the big event–what I am interested it is taking you, dear reader, through the specific roller-coaster of emotions that Team Hurry up the Cakes went through upon watching the biggest wrestling event of the year.

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Fan mail

Hurry up the Cakes is BACK from Singapore! I know I promised bite-sized updates via my Twitter (@mikeyllorin), but too many things happened over in Singapore, and we hadn’t enough time. Still, follow me anyway.

But now, here I am, tired, full, and happy. It had been a hell of a trip, so expect big posts in the coming days. Mostly about food.

In the meantime, I leave you with this. My iPad was hijacked at some point in the four days we were there, and I found two mysterious letters on my Notes app. I presume they were from fans of Hurry up the Cakes. Such sweet fellows, they were! Find out what they said (and my response) after the break.

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The Soderno Report – Friday, February 17, 2012

Every so often, Team Hurry up the Cakes ventures off to the mostly-first-class land of Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, our old  stomping grounds in Alabang, Muntinlupa, to partake in the weekly celebration of gluttony, revelry, and sheer hedonism that is the Midnight Mercato Soderno food fair.

Last night was the last time Daryl, Charisse, and I would meet before our trip to Singapore this coming Tuesday. We decided to have a late dinner at Soderno–Daryl had a meeting early in the evening, and Char and I had a heavy lunch at Hurry up the Cakes favorite 2nd’s late in the afternoon. I was happy, excited, and starved.

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Ribs, part 1

A few days ago, while having lunch at T.G.I. Friday’s (don’t judge me), my girlfriend made a startling observation: I have not tried a single recipe of ribs that I liked.

I had been complaining about how their “Best Ribs Ever” were not very good, and had the same flaws as all the (bad) ribs recipes I have ever tried–the meat was dry and stringy, and it was overwhelmed with sauce, which would have been a good thing had it not been disgustingly sweet. It’s the same everywhere–in cheap cafeterias, high end specialty bistros, american food family restaurants, and event catering. The same dull meat in the same terribly sweet barbecue sauce.

The thing is, though, according to my girlfriend, I keep trying ribs in every new place I go. Maybe it’s good here, I think to myself, before I order my regret-in-fifteen-minutes plate of sweet, crappy ribs.

So after a bad lunch of the “Best Ribs Ever”, she says, Maybe it’s not the ribs, it’s you.

Me? But… but… I love ribs! I love the tender, falls-off-the-bone meat! I love the sauce dripping down my arms and the sides of my mouth! I love the sheer joy of leaning back, seeing a plateful of clean bones before me.

I love it… but she made me realize that it never actually happened.

What was going on? Were those visions part of a sweet dream from days of yore? Were they memory implants, like Wolverine had in the Weapon X program? Were they merely my subconscious, repeating what I’ve seen from old restaurant commercials or celebrity chef TV shows?

I needed to know the truth. I needed to figure out this desire. And, most significantly, I needed to finally find damn good ribs.