Team Hurry up the Cakes reacts to WrestleMania

It was Monday afternoon. April 2nd. The day was long. The air was hot. My shoulders were sweaty. But none of that mattered–it was time for WrestleMania.

This was a milestone for me–not only was this the first time I was going to watch WrestleMania with my girlfriend Char (or any girl, for that matter), but THE ROCK WAS GOING TO FIGHT JOHN CENA, YOU GUYS, AND CM PUNK WAS GOING TO WRESTLE CHRIS JERICHO, AND TRIPLE H AND UNDERTAKER WERE GOING TO HAVE AN “END OF AN ERA” HELL IN A CELL MATCH. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS MEANT TO ME!!~ NO IDEA~~~!!

*ahem* Sorry about that.

But, yes, this was a big deal.

Much has happened since WrestleMania. And much has been written about WrestleMania since. Some of which are pretty damn good. I have no interest* in adding yet another review or in-depth analysis about the big event–what I am interested it is taking you, dear reader, through the specific roller-coaster of emotions that Team Hurry up the Cakes went through upon watching the biggest wrestling event of the year.

WrestleMania intro:

Mikey: This is it this is it this is it this is it this is it
Char: *silence*

America the Beautiful, as performed by Lillian Garcia

Mikey: *silence*
Char: *silence*

World Heavyweight Championship – Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
Daniel Bryan’s entrance

Mikey: HERE WE GO! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Look at AJ! I love her!
Char: Of course you do.

Sheamus’ entrance

Mikey: Boooooooo
Char: Look at him! He’s so white.
Mikey: He’s so pale.
Char: The lighting’s not good.
Mikey: It’s outdoors. The sun’s still up.
Char: Yeah.
Mikey: Boooooooo

Daniel Bryan kisses AJ:

Mikey: I love her!

Sheamus brogue kicks Bryan…


Sheamus pins Bryan…


Sheamus wins World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds

Mikey: WHAT!!! WHATTT!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!
Mikey: *walks out* NO NO NO NO NO NO
Mikey: *walks back in* NO!!! NO!!!
Char: *takes picture of Mikey, posts to Instagram*
Mikey: That’s so stupid. I hate this.

Charisse's Instagram: "Bryan vs. Sheamus"

Kane vs. Randy Orton

Mikey: Prediction!
Char: What?
Mikey: Orton wins after reversing a chokeslam.
Char: Okay.

Kane climbs to the top rope…

Mikey: No, this is it! Flying clothesline reversal to RKO!

Kane attempts flying clothesline, Orton counters with dropkick…

Mikey: Oh.
Char: Haha.

Kane reverses superplex attempt, chokeslams Orton from the top, pins him

Mikey: Whoa. This is a big deal.

Deadliest Catch guy segment with Santino and Mick Foley

Char: Aw, Foley. You’re a legend.
Mikey: This is sad.

Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

Mikey: Booooooooo. Go Cody.

Cody hits first disaster kick, attempts second

Mikey: YES! GO CODY!

Show counters second kick, hits WMD

Char: Boooooooo
Mikey: Booooooooo

Show celebrates, cries

Mikey: *applause* You deserve it, Show. He deserves it, you know?
Char: Sure.

Beth Phoenix and Eve vs. Kelly Kelly and Maria Menuonos

Phoenix and Eve enter…

Mikey: Go Beth!

Match starts

Mikey: They cut Bryan and Sheamus and these guys get a real match?
Char: But this is Maria Menuonos!
Mikey: But she’s injured!
Char: How do you know she’s injured?
Mikey: The news. Dancing with the Stars… I’m going to go pee.

Jim Ross enters

Mikey: YES! YES! YES! THIS IS PERFECT! *standing applause*

Cole shakes Jim Ross’ hand

Mikey: Wow! Wow!

End of an Era: HHH vs. Undertaker

Mikey: Wow, this early?

Shawn Michaels enters…

Mikey: I love him.

Triple H enters…

Mikey: YEAH!
Char: My heart is with Undertaker.
Mikey: Me too, but look at that! Wow!

Undertaker enters…

Mikey: Wow.
Char: Yeah.
Mikey: It’s dark.
Char: Yeah.
Mikey: Wow. Amazing. Look at that costume.
Char: Oh no, are they going to show his head?
Mikey: Later, yeah.

Undertaker enters ring, faces off with Triple H…

Char: Oh no! I can’t watch.

Undertaker reveals bald head/mohawk…

Char: Oh no. This is sad. I can’t watch.
Mikey: It’s not so bad. He has a mohawk.

Hell in a cell structure descends…

Mikey: Wow, the cell gets an entrance.

The many near-falls…

Mikey and Char: AAAAHH!

They introduce chairs…


They hit each other with the chairs…


Undertaker puts HBK in Hell’s Gate…

Char: WHAT?! WHY?!?!

HHH looks for Sledgehammer…

Char: What? There’s no sledgehammer!

HHH finds Sledgehammer…

Mikey and Char: SLEDGEHAMMER!

Shawn superkicks Undertaker into a HHH pedigree, nearfall..

Mikey: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!
Mikey and Char: AAAAAHHHH!

Shawn looks remorseful/depressed/afraid/conflicted…

Char: Shawn’s so guapo.
Mikey: Shawn’s so good.

Ending sequence…

Mikey and Char: *silence*
Mikey: Wow.
Mikey and Char: *silence*

HBK pulls Undertaker up…

Mikey: Wow. *applause*

HBK and Undertaker pull HHH up…

Mikey: WOW. *standing applause*

HBK, Undertaker, and HHH take a final bow…

Mikey: *intense standing applause*

HBK, Undertaker, and HHH embrace…

Mikey: *super intense standing applause*
Char: Ew, no**.

Hall of Fame parade

Char: Mike Tyson? Really?

Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy

Mikey: I’m sad for Zack Ryder.

Bests in the World: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk

Jericho enters…

Mikey: Look at that jacket!
Char: Wow.

Recap video: CM Punk is, by legal definition, a bastard.


CM Punk enters, fireworks and all…

Mikey: Wow! You deserve it Punk! YEAH!

Match proper…

Mikey: Man, it’ll be hard to steal the show from Triple H/Undertaker.

Mikey calls out moves before they happen

Char: If you know what’s going to happen, why do you even watch?
Mikey: *silence*

Ending sequence…

Mikey: Wow!
Mikey: No! Reverse it Punk!
Mikey (to Char) This is good!
Mikey: That was very good. But Triple H/Undertaker took the show home.
Char: Yeah.

Funkasaurus Brodus Clay dances with his mommas

Char: The majesty of WrestleMania.

Rock-Cena video: Fun.’s “We Are Young”

Mikey: This is exactly how they used it in the Apple Keynote.
Mikey: I love this song even more now.
Char: I thought you said you didn’t like this song because it was about violence?
Mikey: …
Char: Oh, that makes sense now. I don’t like this song anymore.

MGK enters, plays Cena out

Char: White trash.

MGK cuts promo on Rock

Mikey: Wow.

Flo Rida plays Rock out

Char (or Mikey, or both, I don’t remember): This is so stupid.
Mikey: Is that a Tron cycle? Is Rock going to enter on the Tron Cycle???

Rock enters, walks toward Tron Cycle


Rock enters, doesn’t ride Tron Cycle.

Mikey: Aw.

Match starts…

Mikey: Here we go!

Rock puts Cena in weak-ass Sharpshooter…

Mikey: He’s doing it wrong! Look! I can do a better Sharpshooter than that.

Cena puts Rock in STF…

Char: Wow. That’s so tight.

(It isn’t.)

Char: That looks like it really, really hurts.

(It doesn’t.)

Match continues…

Char: Cena and Rock have no chemistry.
Mikey: Yes they do. They’re just trying to make this Hogan-Rock. Which they kind of are.
Char: They have no chemistry.

Ending sequence…

Cena attempts People’s Elbow…

Mikey: He’s not going to hit it.

Rock gets up, hits Rock Bottom on Cena…

Mikey: This isn’t over yet.

Rock pins Cena. It’s over.

Mikey: WHAT! THAT’S IT? THAT’S IT? *stands up* *sits down, disappointed*
Char: *takes picture, posts to Instagram*

That's it?

All in all, WrestleMania XXVIII was a fine show. Certainly better than last year’s. But you already knew that.

I just know that this was my favorite WrestleMania viewing experience, ever.

* – I actually do, but some people already did it better than I could have.
** – She hates wrestlers hugging, especially if they were opponents just before the hug. I think she still goes into convulsions whenever she sees clips of the emotional reconciliation between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels back in 2010.


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