Hurry up the Cakes Review – the new iPad (3rd Generation – 2012)

It’s been a month since the new iPad / 3rd Generation iPad / 2012 iPad / iPad 3 was first released, and since then, reviews of the device popped up all over the internet like mushrooms. Some are deep, intensive, and well-written. Others wanted to take advantage of the red-hot “new iPad” search term to add hits to their websites. A few just wanted to show off to the world that they had Apple’s flagship post-PC device before the rest of us did. But generally, most reviews covered the usual range of topics: battery life, app ecosystem, user interface, thickness/weight, the screen screen omg the screen, et cetera.

We at Hurry up the Cakes have no interest in adding to the pile of reviews of that nature. If you want that, I suggest you head on over to The Verge, or to Daring Fireball, or to clean-cut, sterile, Apple Review OG, the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D.

Over here at Hurry up the Cakes, we write reviews to answer any and all questions that end up with the bottom line: should you, dear reader, buy the new iPad?

The answer, of course, is a resounding yes–and here’s why.

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First impressions: the new iPad (2012)

  • Everyone in the universe has talked about how wonderfully fantastically beautifully amazingly gorgeous the screen is, and they are right on the money. But unlike Josh Topolsky, I wasn’t distracted by the clarity of the screen–it pulled me straight into whatever I was looking at.
  • In other words, the genius of the iPad is not that the screen is beautiful, but that it makes everything in it beautiful: The entire internet has never been prettier. Photos have never been crisper. Comic books pop right out of the screen–and I don’t need to zoom in to read the text anymore. Bloody brilliant!
  • It is slightly heavier, but my muscular arms don’t mind the change.
  • The very slight increase in thickness is imperceptible to everyone but my mom. If I didn’t already know it beforehand, I wouldn’t have noticed.
  • …until I’d try to use my iPad 2 back cover on it. Which I did. It still fit, but it was noticeably snugger.
  • The camera is much better than the iPad 2’s (which isn’t saying much), but I think the only time I’ll ever use it is if I absolutely have no access to my iPhone 4S.

The official review is still forthcoming. Be sure to send in any questions you might have about the new iPad (or life in general) over in the comments section, our Facebook page, or via my Twitter @mikeyllorin.


iPad 3 Aftershock

Gizmodo: What to Expect at Apple’s Event Tomorrow

Some will immediately dismiss the thing Apple rolls out as a failure. They will note Apple already reached its high water mark, and that this thing, whatever it is, is not as good as what Google or Microsoft or Sony has to offer. (Well, it’s possible no one will mention Sony.) They will note the feature set on the others is much greater than that on the New Apple Thing. “The others all have four ports and it only has three!”

Everyone else will note that these people are idiots.

Sounds about right.

(via Daring Fireball)