Hurry up the Cakes Review – the new iPad (3rd Generation – 2012)

It’s been a month since the new iPad / 3rd Generation iPad / 2012 iPad / iPad 3 was first released, and since then, reviews of the device popped up all over the internet like mushrooms. Some are deep, intensive, and well-written. Others wanted to take advantage of the red-hot “new iPad” search term to add hits to their websites. A few just wanted to show off to the world that they had Apple’s flagship post-PC device before the rest of us did. But generally, most reviews covered the usual range of topics: battery life, app ecosystem, user interface, thickness/weight, the screen screen omg the screen, et cetera.

We at Hurry up the Cakes have no interest in adding to the pile of reviews of that nature. If you want that, I suggest you head on over to The Verge, or to Daring Fireball, or to clean-cut, sterile, Apple Review OG, the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D.

Over here at Hurry up the Cakes, we write reviews to answer any and all questions that end up with the bottom line: should you, dear reader, buy the new iPad?

The answer, of course, is a resounding yes–and here’s why.

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Not some dumb wrestling thing

K Sawyer Paul of International Object, on Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” chant:

I think that’s why so many people look at it as the natural replacement to Steve Austin’s “What” chants: you don’t have to think about it at all, you can do it anywhere, and people won’t automatically assume you’re doing some dumb wrestling thing, like crotch chopping.

Daniel Bryan may be the best professional wrestler in the world. But his next T-shirt—and this chant—is going to make him a millionaire.

Let’s hope so.

Yes! Yes! Yes!