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Mikey Llorin, Podcaster (Again, Hopefully, Maybe)

I think making a podcast will justify the messiness of my desk

I’ve been dreaming about doing a podcast.

It would be called the Hurry up the Cakes Podcast. The show would be based on subject matters I care deeply about. In each episode, I would interview (or at least converse with) people I admire who are representative of these subject matters in my life, and we would discuss these and squeeze out the “juice” from these subjects, developing them into the episode theme. I would learn so much from these people, and the recorded conversations would be produced and condensed so that each listener could learn too. In the process, the audience would be entertained enough to want to keep listening to the podcast while they do their dishes, sweep their floors, or drive to the grocery for their quarantine tribute runs.

I’m aware that the world doesn’t need another podcast. But I have reasons. Good reasons, I think. You tell me. Here’s why I want to do it:

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