Mornings and Things, updated

In March 2015, I was a newly married man, teaching Theatre part-time at an international school, and finishing up my academic courses as a graduate student in literature. One of the requirements of my final course was a “short” 8-page-minimum creative non-fiction piece.

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Life is happening

My name is Mikey Llorin. I’m happily married to the craziest woman on the planet. I perform, I teach, I eat, I podcast, I watch wrestling, and I follow the tech industry for fun. Oh, and one more thing…

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Taptic Feedback

 My pregnant wife says that when our baby kicks, it feels like a “strong Apple Watch tap”. My thanks to Apple Inc. for creating the technology that has enlightened me on the pregnant female experience.

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Sam Anderson — How Roland Barthes Gave Us the TV Recap Barthes announced that he aspired above all to “forget” and to “unlearn” and proposed, as a kind of motto, “no power, a little knowledge, a little wisdom and as much flavor as possible.” Out-of-context editorial statement: While I know that later on in life, […]

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