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Sam Anderson — How Roland Barthes Gave Us the TV Recap

Barthes announced that he aspired above all to “forget” and to “unlearn” and proposed, as a kind of motto, “no power, a little knowledge, a little wisdom and as much flavor as possible.”

Out-of-context editorial statement:

While I know that later on in life, I will  reckon with myself and accept that I gained the same thing Barthes did — “no power, a little knowledge, a little wisdom and as much flavor as possible” — I cannot deny that what motivates me to do what I do is the vain, naive, and foolish notion that I can change this world.

And if I am wrong, at least wrong is where the most flavor is.

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Chances are, we don’t agree on what’s funny

The recently-relaunched Pepper.ph introducing a new article on food pictures so yummy-looking that you will want to masturbate to them:

Fap-Worthy Food is a new installment on Pepper.ph that showcases 5 awesome Instagrammed food shots. Since “foodstagramming” has become quite the popular (and mandatory) pre-eating ritual, let’s see if that 3-minute photo session before attacking your slab of steak was well worth it.

Fine concept, but the headline? Just a few weeks after posting an article on how to “put breasts in your mouth“?

Here is the comment I posted on the article page:

Hello, you guys. I am a fan. I don’t mean to be a hater. But “fap-worthy”? After the breasts-in-your-mouth posts? I suppose the imagery of masturbating to instagram pictures of food can be seen as *silly* and *rebellious*, but it’s also crass, and potentially unbecoming.

Can we/you rebel against pandering to the lowest common denominator? There is enough of that going on in the food world/entire internet, and Pepper.ph is known to be above that.

Unless, of course, this is all just about site hits and analytics. In which case… *sigh*.

It’s disappointing that Pepper.ph, a site that I believe stands for integrity, community, and silliness in the food world is resorting to provocative inappropriate gross imagery in their headlines, presumably in an effort to increase their site hits.

Unless, of course, they really, truly, honestly think they’re being funny. In which case, they might as well have a table that they use just for scrapbooking.

Edit: Clarified that the problem with the article is the headline, not the concept