Apple and “Cool”

Tim Cook burnnnnns, during his Goldman Sachs talk: I think one of the biggest surprises people are going to have when they start using it is the breadth of what it will do. Obviously, it’s a precision timepiece. And, just like you’re wearing a watch and you probably think it looks really cool…I’m not sure […]

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Sam Anderson — How Roland Barthes Gave Us the TV Recap Barthes announced that he aspired above all to “forget” and to “unlearn” and proposed, as a kind of motto, “no power, a little knowledge, a little wisdom and as much flavor as possible.” Out-of-context editorial statement: While I know that later on in life, […]

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Back in business hodgepodge

We’re back! The Cybercrime law has been suspended by Philippine court. More on that over on BBC News. Yes, I know it’s been a month since it’s been suspended. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Too much has happened since: The iPhone 5! The iPad mini! Brad Maddox! A diet that I couldn’t sustain! Here are my thoughts […]

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