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Apple and “Cool”

Tim Cook burnnnnns, during his Goldman Sachs talk:

I think one of the biggest surprises people are going to have when they start using it is the breadth of what it will do. Obviously, it’s a precision timepiece. And, just like you’re wearing a watch and you probably think it looks really cool…I’m not sure I do, but…

Dave Mark, of The Loop, comments:

It’s a funny moment. But I wonder if it was truly accidental. I wonder if that was a choreographed move, an intentional shot across the bow of traditional watchmakers, telling the world that a new standard of cool is coming.

Look, Apple the company usually has their finger on the pulse of coolness—or, at the very least, on what I think is cool. But I will not take let the old white men that sit on Apple’s executive committee tell me whether or not my fashion sense is cool. Tim Cook as the awesome gay uncle may occassionally be able to get away with it, but I think the whole determining-what’s-cool agenda should be left to Apple the company, not the individual dudes who run it.

I mean, look at this guy. This is the guy that first demoed the Apple Watch:

Roll up your sleeves and get a haircut, Kev. The world is watching.