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1: ‘Accept and Build’ With David Esteban

So… I did it. And I have to admit, you guys. It’s a bit of a thrill.

Dear friends, I am so very proud to launch The Hurry Up the Cakes Podcast. It is, well, exactly what I said it would be. Here’s the podcast description:

My name is Mikey. I made this podcast because I want to talk to people I respect and admire about things I am passionate and excited about.

Each episode is based on subject I care deeply about, featuring people I consider to be representative of these subjects in my life. Sometimes, ideally, we would end up developing the thematic truth of the subject—other times we’d probably just end up laughing at how seriously we’re taking ourselves. It’s either meaningful or silly. Very ‘Hurry Up the Cakes’.

Each episode also features the most beautiful Outro Voiceover I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Thanks to everyone who supported, motivated, and encouraged me to pursue having a podcast! I’m super happy, and super grateful.

Show Notes

This is for the teacher.

Special guest David Esteban is the Deputy Head of School at Australian International School in Manila, Philippines.  He’s also a mentor, a friend, and a heck of a teacher. David shares the “superhero origin” story of how he became a teacher (I swear, that alone makes this worth listening to), and what he believes makes a good teacher nowadays. In our conversation, we try to make sense of the role of the teacher in these modern times. 


Outro instrumental: “Chords For David” feat. Jlbrock by Pitx (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

The Hurry Up the Cakes Podcast is published and distributed via Anchor.fm

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Mikey Llorin, Podcaster (Again, Hopefully, Maybe)

I think making a podcast will justify the messiness of my desk

I’ve been dreaming about doing a podcast.

It would be called the Hurry up the Cakes Podcast. The show would be based on subject matters I care deeply about. In each episode, I would interview (or at least converse with) people I admire who are representative of these subject matters in my life, and we would discuss these and squeeze out the “juice” from these subjects, developing them into the episode theme. I would learn so much from these people, and the recorded conversations would be produced and condensed so that each listener could learn too. In the process, the audience would be entertained enough to want to keep listening to the podcast while they do their dishes, sweep their floors, or drive to the grocery for their quarantine tribute runs.

I’m aware that the world doesn’t need another podcast. But I have reasons. Good reasons, I think. You tell me. Here’s why I want to do it:

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