At this point, it’s just attrition

Zack Handlen, reviewing The Walking Dead‘s season 6 premiere for AV Club: But there is nothing exciting or scary about zombie fighting anymore. At this point, it’s just attrition: who will the writers decide is expendable during this latest attack. They’re not a threat, they’re a plot mechanic that’s outlived its usefulness, and while I don’t expect […]

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Bryan retires > Vince is evil

Sean Rueter, for Cageside Seats, on Bryan’s plans to wrestle outside the WWE prior to the tests which led to his retirement : Now that we know the outcome of Daniel Bryan and WWE’s concussion drama, more details are coming out concerning the lengths Bryan was willing to go to to keep wrestling, as well as the […]

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I liked’em before they were cool

  … by “them”, I mean Marvel, and by “cool”, I mean “super successful”. The height of my Marvel fandom was back in the mid-nineties, when they filed for bankruptcy and they had to be saved by Toy Biz, the company that manufactured their action figures.  Today, Toy Biz is defunct, and Marvel is such […]

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