At this point, it’s just attrition

Zack Handlen, reviewing The Walking Dead‘s season 6 premiere for AV Club:

But there is nothing exciting or scary about zombie fighting anymore. At this point, it’s just attrition: who will the writers decide is expendable during this latest attack. They’re not a threat, they’re a plot mechanic that’s outlived its usefulness, and while I don’t expect the show to give up on them anytime soon, we’re going to need some more interesting pressure to keep this from being even more of a slog than it already is.

This was me, three seasons ago.

Bryan retires > Vince is evil

Sean Rueter, for Cageside Seats, on Bryan’s plans to wrestle outside the WWE prior to the tests which led to his retirement :

Now that we know the outcome of Daniel Bryan and WWE’s concussion drama, more details are coming out concerning the lengths Bryan was willing to go to to keep wrestling, as well as the what Vince McMahon planned to keep him from doing so – at least for any company he didn’t run

Nope. Vince and co. planned to keep Daniel Bryan from wrestling completely, whether he ran those companies or not. And in so doing, probably saved Bryan’s life.

Whatever your thoughts on Vince McMahon, no one can argue that “Vince is evil” is a more important narrative than “Daniel Bryan has retired because his health and happiness are important”. Shame on all the wrestling pundits and jolly internet folks who insist on doing so.

The Verge’s Nilay Patel bought his mom a Chromebook Pixel

From Patel’s weekly “Divergence” column:

Should I buy my mom thousand-dollar computer that just runs Chrome?” I would idly wonder to anyone within earshot. I posted a forum thread to solicit opinions from Verge readers. I drove my friends and family insane with my indecision.

And then I bought my mom a Pixel. And it was one of the best technology purchasing decisions I’ve ever made.

Fascinating. I would never hear the end of it if it were my mom, though


I liked’em before they were cool


… by “them”, I mean Marvel, and by “cool”, I mean “super successful”.

The height of my Marvel fandom was back in the mid-nineties, when they filed for bankruptcy and they had to be saved by Toy Biz, the company that manufactured their action figures. 

Today, Toy Biz is defunct, and Marvel is such an institution that  famous movie stars fancy themselves as defiant underdogs railing against their juggernaut movie studio. 

It’s a cool time to be a True Believer. 

Failing to learn to love Roman Reigns

Stan “The Man” Sy, reviewing the 2016 Royal Rumble for Smark Henry:

From the moment Vince McMahon stacked the deck against Roman, it was clear that the theme of the match was “One (Roman) vs. All”. That wasn’t the case because the only ones who really ganged up on Roman were the League of Nations and Triple H. In fact, as a result of the League of Nations (sans King Barrett) beating Roman to a pulp at ringside, the Big Dog had to spend most of the Rumble being tended to by medical. He only resurfaced in the match when there were only a handful of competitors left.

Good Lord, WWE. That was the absolute worst way to write Roman’s Rumble arc!

I hate to be so smarky about this, but the sad truth is that WWE only has itself to blame for the consistent botching of such a surefire, can’t-miss, little-or-no-downside Superstar like Roman Reigns.

Even those of us who want to root for him are quickly running out of reasons to.